Monday, June 28, 2010

SHow Time in Mississauga SelectiveSound Car Show!!

Low and Wide nothing better!
This car is always changing and it gets better and better. There is a great amount of attention to detail put into this car

The S2000 owner did a nice clean build, all the mods canards, diffusser and ride height were set to perfection. What a sweet ride!

The fitment on this G35 was insane I couldnt stop looking at it....

I don't know how much time and patience it took to fit those 22s on that Lexus but it looks freaking amazing

I cant resist a 300 c that looks as good as this one dose great paint and proper fitment

The GTR here is one of the best I've seen in a while

So we ended up going to a show in Mississauga, which was held at Selective Sound. Man I must say the show gets better every year. Car builders are really stepping up their game and I was really impressed at all the unique whips that attended the show. I just wanted to show some of my favorite ones, but was it ever a nice show..

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