Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Rap Video Shoot

So we all met up to support our boy Canadian talent JonJon!!!! We joined up to be in his rap video. I must say it was an experience chilling wiht friends and family. Here are some of the cars in the video... I'll have a link to the video when they have finished editing it.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

MARX7........awaits Version 1.0

So the RX7 arrived and my cousin is patiently waiting. I'm showing you guys this because it won't look like this when I post it next time. It has been here for a while, however today is when he put the wheels and the car was dropped, but wait till we get our hands on this monster you wont be able to reconize it at all .......!!!!

Cred on the photo goes to Mike Owner of RightDrive !!!!!

Monday, June 28, 2010

SHow Time in Mississauga SelectiveSound Car Show!!

Low and Wide nothing better!
This car is always changing and it gets better and better. There is a great amount of attention to detail put into this car

The S2000 owner did a nice clean build, all the mods canards, diffusser and ride height were set to perfection. What a sweet ride!

The fitment on this G35 was insane I couldnt stop looking at it....

I don't know how much time and patience it took to fit those 22s on that Lexus but it looks freaking amazing

I cant resist a 300 c that looks as good as this one dose great paint and proper fitment

The GTR here is one of the best I've seen in a while

So we ended up going to a show in Mississauga, which was held at Selective Sound. Man I must say the show gets better every year. Car builders are really stepping up their game and I was really impressed at all the unique whips that attended the show. I just wanted to show some of my favorite ones, but was it ever a nice show..

Friday, June 25, 2010

Night Chillin

Just chillin at a local spot, so i decided to take a couple photos they came out pretty good i think

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wide and Stretched

This is my boy Ken's 240sx Coupe. Slammed to the ground, so low that the frame scrapes the ground. He's rocking 50 mil wide body but you can never tell because the offset on his wheels is so serious. 15x10 damn!!!!

The Achonda !

We just finished doing a front end conversion on my Boys Acura Integra it took to days to complete but we got it done big up to the site was good reference we just painted it flat black for now soon we will get it painted up but for now its alirght, we still need and front lip and wheels but in the next few weeks hell have the funds for that ......

PowER House

This is my boy Josh`s Rx7 and man is it ever fast. This shot was taken when we all went out just for a cruise and when we all went to a meet in Mississauga it was Rx7 heaven ...... more on Rx7 heaven later on

Monday, June 21, 2010

ALL Me !!

Here is my 240sx its still very mild but I got alot of plans as soon as the money rolls in I'll focus more on it, but its fun to drive. I can't complain I still need to finish the work on the body but I will show you a couple of pics of the progression so stay tuned!

I'm always adjusting the fittment, it has to be low and flush. Right now it is a negative 5 in the rear and negative 1 in the front, still not good enough but I'll work with it lol

Right Drive

So we are good friends with Mike who owns and runs RIGHTDRIVE woot! woot! When we went to his house for Fathers Day guess what he pulls up in? An R34 NISSAN Skyline GT-T it was sooo sick , I had to take it out for a run, man dose it have alot of torque!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Big Idea

My cousin Mark was the one who came up with StaGGerBoyZ. This is his Whip the Mazda Rx8. This one is pretty sick it is a two toned sittin on 20s Greaddy Turbo with a fully completed interior, this Ride is a show stopper for real ... More on it later but here is a quick look


Greaddy Turbo kit

HKS Hi Power Catback exhaust

Tein Basic Coilovers Upgraded Pillowball mount

20inch Zinic F 20x8.5 R 20x10s

Nitto Tires INVO F 245/30/20s R265/25/20s

Greaddy strut bar

Greaddy lower strut bar

HKS SSQV blow off VAlve

Xbox 360


The Beggining

Well its Fathers Day today and I wanna start this bloggin thing up. I'm heavily infulenced by sites and bloggers like HellaFlush, Riskydevil, Speedhunters,Tunerzine and mags like Import Tuner, SuperStreet, PASmag. Our style is simple, wide and low. Hellaflush Fitment is how our name came up its kinda funny StaGGErBoyZ we all like that Staggered Fitment hence staggerboys.